Friday, 30 August 2013

Ripple ta-dah!

Do you remember the miserable cold dark days of February, when it felt like winter was going to last forever and I started a mammoth ripple blanket to keep us warm on winter nights...?  
Well, it's been a while since those days and the weather couldn't have been more different lately! 
I rippled away during the last days of winter and merrily into spring and then when the sunny days arrived, I put my blanket to one side for fear of overheating under the weight of the thing!  
Well, it's been a little bit cooler of an evening lately, enough for me to pick up my blanket once more, finish off the last few stripes and weave in all those ends and now it is finally finished!  

It's a bit colourful to say the least but my main intention was to use up lots of odds and ends.  I usually stick to a much smaller, more neutral colour palette so actually it's been lovely to go with the flow and use colours I wouldn't usually choose together!

Hopefully it will be a while before we will need it to keep us warm at nights but it's tucked away by the side of the bed ready to pull on when it does get chilly! 


  1. Such a gorgeous blanket! I love all the colours you've used and the ripple pattern is so pretty. x

  2. Thanks Caroline! It's very addictive! x