Sunday, 6 January 2013

Happy New Year

Phew, so here we are on the flipside of a wonderful Christmas.  I have eaten my own bodyweight in nibbles, drunk my fair share of Christmas tipples, worn out my Christmas playlist (my favourite?  The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole, thanks for asking!), been surrounded by my lovely family and good friends and generally relaxed and recharged.  

2012 saw quite a big change for me but one that definitely worked out for the best and overall, I was sad to say goodbye.  However, here we are at the start of 2013 and I am welcoming it with open arms!  I'm very excited to show you, over the coming weeks, some things I've been working on but for now, I just wanted to check in and wish you all a very healthy and happy 2013 whatever it has in store for you!  

Jo x

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